FEBRUARY 19th, 2017


WHERE’S PASTOR BESELPastor and Shirley Besel are in Texas this weekend as they celebrate the third birthday of their grandson Conner.  They will be returning Monday evening.  If you are in need of Pastoral care, please contact Pastor Bernthal.


SPECIAL THANK YOU To the volunteers who served at Helping Hands yesterday. Helping Hands is very appreciative and grateful for your help !



Where this word is not, there is no salvation, and great works or holy lives avail nothing, for with this, that he says, “they shall be saved,” since they have not the Word; he forcibly shows enough, that not their works but their faith in the Word alone save.  (Church Postils, Sexagesima)


ALTAR FLOWERS   If you have signed up to place flowers on the altar any given Sunday you are welcome to take them home with you after the late service. Otherwise members may come by and pick them up on Monday and possibly use at a grave site, take to a shut-in, take to someone in the hospital, etc. After Mondays flowers are thrown away and we would like for them to go to a good cause if someone has a need for them as the bouquets are always pretty for several days after Sunday.  




Today on KURM (790AM) at 12:30 and The Bott Radio Network at 8AM on 89.3FM. "Love Your Enemies-Jesus Does!”  Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz

God calls us to love and forgive our enemies the way He loves and forgives us. (Matthew 5:38-48)






9:30-10:30am – Pam Pickett is leading

            Study of Mark in Classroom 1.    

9:30-10:30am – Dave Lehenbauer

is leading a study in Prayer in Classroom 6.

9:30-10:30am – Women’s Bible Study entitled Believing God.


Monday  2nd & 4th Mondays at


Rotating Hostesses:  Herb &

Shirley Bernthal, Spike & Delores

Hermes, Joe & Barbara Raleigh,

Maxine Reihman, & Betty Jensen – Led

By Vern Schaefer


Tuesday 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 2:00 pm

Pastor Bernthal’s Bible Class



WORK DAY COMING  Mark your calendars and plan to join us on April 1.  The Journeymen and Trustees are joining forces for a work day here at the church.  There are many jobs including landscape work and painting.

LUTHERAN CAMP ON PETIT JEAN Is looking for an experienced school cafeteria cook to run the kitchen during summer camp. This is for the months of June and July. It works best if the cook stays on site, but they would consider someone who commutes. The camp can provide housing apart from the youth cabins. Most sessions run Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon, or from Sunday supper through Friday lunch. The cook will have two college-age assistants. This is a good opportunity for someone who is not working in the summer and looking for a way to serve God by serving His children. If you know of anyone who fits the bill contact David Cox at director@lutherancamp.org

if interested in this position.


LIFE QUOTES  “Why do we speak up for those in the womb who cannot speak? Because they are created, redeemed, and little ones whom God wants to call.”

Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, former Executive Director of LutheranLutherans For Life-

*A Life Quote from Lutherans For Life*  If you want to support this ministry, you may do so through their web site: www.lutheransforlife.org


TO THINK ABOUT …  “Ever since the days of Adam, man has been hiding from God and saying, ‘God is hard to find.”  - Fulton Sheen (Catholic Bishop, 1895-1979)

I Am MY Church


My church is composed of people like me.

We make it what it is.

It will be friendly, if I am.

Its pews will be filled, if I help fill them.

It will do great work, if I work.

It will make generous gifts to many causes,

    if I am a generous giver.

It will bring other people into its worship and

    fellowship, if I bring them.

It will be a church of loyalty and love, of

    fearlessness and faith, and a church with a

    noble spirit, if I, who makes it what it is,

    am filled with these traits.

Therefore, with the help of God,

 I shall dedicate myself to the task of being

    all the things I want my church to be.

      -- Unknown



A “Bill of Rights” for the Church


What might a church body assume are the rights of each church member?  Here are a few suggestions:


1.      The right to be a full participant in the worship and activities of the congregation.

2.      The right to expect safety and respect in the church.


3.      The right to help decide the goals and mission of the church.

4.      The right to decide one’s own stewardship – time, talents and resources – without coercion.

5.      The right to know the contents of every church document and every decision of church leaders.

6.      The right to know about all the financial matters of the church, including the budget, any savings accounts, church debts, salaries, church endowment funds, and any other special funds.

7.      The right to have private personal matters kept private.  Any confidential matters and all conversations with the pastor are kept strictly undisclosed.

8.      The right to receive the ministries of the church when needed.  During illness, bereavement, personal anguish, family disorders and other problems there should be support and guidance.

9.      The right to have your family members educated in the Bible, Christian theology, and ethics.

10.  The right to share one’s gifts and graces as part of the choir, musical groups, and other groups and ministries within the congregation.

(adapted from the Newsletter Newsletter)



Feb. 19th-26th, 2017   


Communion                                                              8:00am

Bible Classes/Sunday School                        9:30am

Handbell Choir                                                       9:30am

Communion                                                 10:45am

Pastor Besel on Vacation thru Monday                                                 



Cameron’s Day Off

ESL (Classroom 2)                                                6:30pm



Circuit Pastor’s Mtg. at Bella Vista     9am-2:00pm



News and Notes Due                                           12:00pm

Mission Crafts                                                           3:00pm

ATG                                                                           4-7:00pm

Confirmation Class                                                4:30pm

ESL(Classroom 2)                                                   6:30pm                                 

Choir Rehearsal                                              6:30pm

Praise Group Rehearsal                               7:30pm



Pastor’s Day Off

Assemble Bulletin & Clarion                                           1:00pm



Worship                                                                      8:00am

Bible Study/Sunday School                            9:30am

Handbell Choir                                                       9:30am

Worship                                                                 10:45am



Circuit Church:

Faith,  Bentonville:  Pray that God would guide and bless the call process during their vacancy.


Church Ministry Team:

 Youth Ministry Team:  Pray that God would bless the “Stuck in the Sequel” fundraiser for Snack Packs on March 11.


Pray also for our Military; Especially Jake Button, who is in the National Guard, and Andy Boyd who is in the Air Force.  Also remember, Shawn Gibson, son of Harry and Ann Gibson, serving in the U.S. Navy.