October 2, 2016




FINANCIAL PLEDGES FOR 2017   We are skipping a week in our stewardship emphasis since Pastor ison vacation this weekend.  You have or will be receiving a letter about financial pledges for 2017.  We pray that you prayerfully consider what your pledge will be, fill out the form that is included in the letter, seal it in the included envelope and then bring it to worship next Sunday.  During that service, we will present our pledges to the Lord as we consider the theme, “The Joy of Sharing God’s Blessings.”


NEW BIBLE CLASS STARTING TODAY   Pam Pickett will be taking over the Sunday morning Bible Class for Pastor Besel beginning today.  The class meets at 9:30 in Classroom 1.  They will be studying the book of “Mark”.


PASTOR BERNTHAL’S BIBLE STUDY CLASS is meeting each first and third Tuesdays of the month at 2:00 pm. Please feel free to join us for great Bible studies and fellowship.


LADIES BIBLE STUDY has begun a new series by Beth Moore titled “Entrusted” a study of 2 Timothy. Please feel free to join us on Sunday mornings @ 9:30am.



 THE LUTHERAN HOUR  Today on KURM  (790AM) at 12:30 and The Bott Radio Network at 8AM on 89.3FM

"The Only Way To Live: By Faith!” Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz. God cares about you, listens to you, and answers your difficult questions with grace and compassion.

(Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4)  


Holy Trinity Bible Studies


9:30-10:30am  - Pam Pickett is leading study of Mark in Classroom 1. 

9:30-10:30am in the Conference Room –   Women’s Bible Study by Beth Moore:   “ENTRUSTED” - Led by Libby Garner

9:30-10:30am  - Dave Lehenbauer and Duane Wright are a leading study of Authentic Manhood in Classroom 2. 



2nd & 4th Mondays at 2:00pm–Rotating

           Hostesses: Herb & Shirley Bernthal, Spike & Dolores Hermes, Joe & Barbara Raleigh and Maxine Reihman, and Betty Jensen – Led by Vern Schaefer



1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 2:00pm-

          Pastor Bernthal’s Bible Class



PASTOR BESEL  is on vacation

today as three of Shirley’s cousins came to visit in Eureka Springs.  He will be returning this evening.

CONNECTIONS CLASSSTARTS NEXT WEEK   The Connections Class meets on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 AMand runs for eight weeks.  This is class is for those who have recently joined the congregation. It is also for members who want to review the basics of our faith and to make connections with new members.  It is also a chance to review Christian doctrine.  You can sign up for the class on the board next to Pastor Besel’s office or just come to the class.  We are scheduled to meet in Classroom 6 (it might be moved to half of Classroom 1).


HELPING HANDS VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Holy Trinity is scheduled to assist the helping hands organization in Bentonville with volunteers on October 22nd.  Volunteers are needed for morning and afternoon shifts. There is a sign up sheet in the Narthex with specific times and duties. Please consider volunteering to help this worthy organization.


JOURNEYMEN HIKING TRIP will take place on October 22nd to Boxley Valley (Buffalo River Area). All men and any of their kids are welcome to come along. This will be a beautiful area this time of year, and wildlife is abundant. There is a sign-up sheet in the Narthex.


WORSHIP SLIDES   We want to thank Vern Schaefer and Casey Bolte for doing the worship slides each week.  Casey has decided to stop at the end of this month.  If you can help, please talk to Pastor Besel about the details.

TRUNK OR TREAT Halloween is fast approaching which means our Trunk or Treat event is right around the corner. Each year it continues to grow and therefore we need increased help. Sign up to pass out candy at your trunk, help supervise the games, or volunteer in the kitchen as we serve upwards of 600 people ! Check the Narthex for details or talk to Cameron.


SENIOR TRIP TO BOXLEY VALLEY on October 19th. The Journeymen group will host the trip to Boxley Valley to see the Fall Foliage and watch the elk. Please sign up on the sheet in the foyer or call Duane Wright at 479-633-1105 or Dave Lehenbauer at 479-202-3719. Please bring a sack lunch or $10. This will be a great one day trip of fun, fellowship, and beautiful scenery.


YOUTH NEWS October 29th is a Youth Hike! We will be leaving in the morning and returning in the evening at a time to be decided later. If is a full day event. Duane Wright is currently checking out different areas for some new exploration and adventures. This event is open to all youth, 6-12th grade and their parents. If you would like to go, please contact Cameron Pullman by Oct. 23rd.   LinkT Retreat will be November 11th-12th for the Jr. High. (6th-8th grade). Sign up by October 16th and a $50 deposit is required. After the 16th the price of trip will go up as well as the deposit ($70). This years theme is CREATE and will be focusing on our creation and what we are created for. It will be a great weekend!

LIFE QUOTES“ Parents also do well in preparing young men and women for the realities of married life. Because of the fall, marriage is hard work. It requires appreciation of our differences as male and female, the commitment to work together, trust, friendship, and more agape than eros love. ” Linda Bartlett, former President of Lutherans For Life


THRIVENT FINANCIAL can assist you in getting involved with our action teams such as Feed My Sheep, VBS, Trunk or Treat etc and are just a few examples. It doesn’t cost anything to apply and utilize an action team- other than your time. Contact Casey Bolte @

Casey.bolte@thrivent.com or at

479-644-3618 for more information.


TRINITY RESTORATION   The Lutheran Camp on Petit Jean Board of Directors invites all to join them Oct. 16 in celebrating the historic restoration of Trinity Lutheran Church on the camp property. The celebration begins with the camp’s annual meeting at 2 p.m., followed by 3 p.m. worship in the historic church and rededication of the building.  An open house is slated for 4:30 in the church. The day’s activities will be capped with a free, catered barbecue dinner at 5:30 in the camp dining hall. Please contact the camp office by Sunday, Oct. 9 with reservations.  Call 501-652-6304 or email director@lutherancamp.org.





 October 2-October 9, 2016



Communion                                         8:00am

Bible/Sunday School Classes                 9:30am

Handbell Choir (Choir Room)                   9:30am

Communion                                         10:45am


Cameron’s Day Off

ESL (Classroom 2)                                         6:30pm


Pastor Bernthal’s Bible Study                   2:00pm

Outreach (Library)                                        6:30pm


News & Notes Due                                         12:00pm

Staff Meeting                                                     12:30pm

Mission Crafts                                                  3:00pm

ATG                                                                       4-7:00pm

Confirmation Class                                         4:30pm

Choir Rehearsal                                               6:30pm

ESL (Classroom2)                                          6:30pm

Praise Group Rehearsal                               7:30pm


Youth ( Conf. Room)                                     5:30pm


Pastor’s Day Off             

Assemble Bulletin                                           1:00pm

Cards                                                                    6:30pm



LWML Fall Rally@                                         9:00am

Salem Lutheran in Springdale



Worship                                                              8:00am

Bible/Sunday School Classes                     9:30am

Handbell Choir ( Choir Room)                 9:30am

Worship                                                              10:45am

Sunday Night Bible Study @ Besel’s       5:30pm


Circuit Church: Holy Trinity,                        Rogers: Pray for God to bless our new confirmation classes this school year .     

Church Ministry Team: Journeymen: Prayers that our efforts would be fruitful in reaching out to men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pray also for our Military; Especially Jake Button, who is in the National Guard, Robert Sabatini who is in the Reserves, and Andy Boyd who is in the Air Force.  Also remember, Shawn Gibson, son of Harry and Ann Gibson, serving in the U.S. Navy.


THE MEASURE OF OUR LOVE We Love Because He First Loved Us

Those Who Worshiped last Sunday: 190 Total (79 Early Service/111 Late Service)

Those Who Shared last Sunday: $10,027.35 ($10.25 Sunday School Offering, $160 Food Pantry, $15 Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, $15 Lutheran Bible Translators, $172 Men’s Ministry, $50 Bldg.Fund)