July—a month for vacations, conventions, gatherings and Voters.  That pretty well summarizes this coming month at Holy Trinity.  I would like to share what is happening this month.

Vacations.  I will be joining many of the members of the congregation by taking some time for vacation.  In fact, when you get this, I will be in Colorado on 2 weeks of vacation.  Our son Brian is joining us for a week of traveling around the southern and western part of Colorado.  It is something I remember doing as I was growing up so we arerevisiting several of those places and a couple of new ones.  I will also be spending some time with my mom and hopefully my brother and his family.  If you are traveling, I pray it is restful and a time of refreshment.

Convention.  The 66th Convention of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 9-14.  The theme is “Upon this Rock”.  I am the pastoral delegate for the Fayetteville Circuit.  The lay delegate is Dr. Bill Foster from Bella Vista Lutheran Church.  Dr. Matthew Harrison was re-elected as the President of the Synod this month and will serve another 3 year term.  There are many issues that will be debated—most notably the role of Deacons or Lay Assistants.  There is a national offering to support various projects.. An offering envelope will be in the bulletin on June 26.  We ask it be returned to the church by July 3 if you want to participate in this offering.   I will be taking what is donated to the Convention when I fly to Milwaukee on July 8.  I believe there will be a live stream of events through the Synod’s web site—

Gathering.  We have several of our young adults who will be attending the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans from July 16-20.  They will be traveling a couple of days early to enjoy New Orleans.  The theme is “In Christ Alone We Stand.”  Our Youth will be joining thousands of other young Lutherans from around the world for Bible Study, inspiration, service and fun.  Please keep Cameron and our youth in your prayers.  I believe that parts of this gathering will also be streamed through the Synod’s web site (same as above). 

Voters.  We have one of our regular Unity Sundays on July 17.  That means that we will have Sunday School and Bible Class at 8:45 AM.  There will be only 1 worship service with communion at 10:00 AM.  We will have a Voters’ meeting and Potluck Dinner around 11:30 in the Life Center.  It will be a Potluck Dinner since the Youth will be in New Orleans that Sunday for the National Youth Gathering.  Following our June Council meeting, I expect a couple of items of business for the Voters’ meeting.  There will be an update about our long-range planning—specifically the goals we have been working on.  There will also be a proposal to add a special Unity Sunday on September 11 to celebrate Rally Day.  There will be a worship service from 9:30-10:30 AM.  Then there will be a Mission Fair and Rally Day celebration with a church picnicfollowing.  Many of the details still have to be worked out.  We also plan to honor Pastor Bernthal that Sunday as he is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of his ordination later that week.

In Christ,  

      Pastor Besel


This information comes from Voice of the Martyrs
INDIA:   Five Christian families were expelled from their village recently for refusing to participate in a festival honoring Hindu gods. In March, several members of a Hindu radical group entered the predominantly Hindu village to collect money for the festival. Twenty families that had become Christian in the past two years refused to contribute because they were not going to attend the festival. The radicals shouted insults at them and later returned to further intimidate the Christians. After harassing the families for several days, the radicals announced to the entire village that the Christians should be denied access to public services. When the Christian families complained to police, they were told to comply with the Hindus’ demands. Under heavy pressure from the radicals and village leaders, 15 families agreed to pay a fine to remain in the village. A church has taken in the other five Christian families. Pray that these believers will be encouraged in their faith and will find work enabling them to support their families.


Feed My Sheep Sunday is July 3rd!

May was a VERY busy month for the pantry!  We helped a total of 82 visitors in May!  We continue to see more “first time visitors” than “existing customers” which isAMAZING!  In June, we applied to become an approved agency of the NWA Food Bank.  After a lengthy application, on-site inspection, and a tour of their facility, Holy Trinity Lutheran church became approved!  This will allow us to stretch our dollar even further than we already are! 


June’s lunch was a GREAT time!  Please join us in July at Copelands!  We will meet on the third Thursday of the month (July 21st) at 11:30am.  If you plan on attending, please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board in the Narthex so we’ll know how many seats to save.  Looking forward to seeing you there!


Thrivent financial makes is easy for you to support our church without costing you a dime.  Members of Thrivent can direct their Choice Dollars to the Holy Trinity by visiting  It only takes about 5 minutes of your time.  In 2016, we have received almost $5,900!!  Thank you for your generosity!


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   Josh & LeAnn Girshner
15-Mike & Dorothy Button
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23-David & Brenna Newmann
27-Mike & Lisa Nelson


1-Bryan Evans,
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New Members:
Wayne & Myrna Ewoldt
507 N. 7th. St
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Adaline Mary Evans
(baptized 05/29/2016)
daughter of Bryan & Kati Evans

New Phone Number:
Lee Landauer479-359-1350

Corrected Email address:
Duane Wright:

No longer members:
Carolyn Roll (deceased)
Jim Smith (deceased)


Yes July is right at the end of this week and it is a Friday.  Time for cards!  We will be meeting in Classroom 1 as the fellowship hall is being rented.  Bring your snack and beverage of your choice.  All are welcome to join us and enjoy an evening of fellowship & cards starting at 6:30 pm. 

Youth Group Information                                                     

For this month’s report I thought I would give everyone some information on what we will be experiencing while we are in New Orleans at the National Youth Gathering.

We will be staying at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street.  We are very happy with this as it is half-way between the Convention Center and the Superdome.  Another good thing about getting assigned this hotel is our morning Bible class will be held in the hotel.

Bible Class:  Every morning everyone attending NYG will be in Bible class at the same time.  Think about it – 30,000 people studying Gods word at the same time.  Some will be at hotels, like ours and the rest at the Convention Center.  The class size in each room will range from 1,000 – 6,000.

We are going to arrive a couple of days early (we plan to arrive the evening of Wednesday 7-13th) to do some fun stuff.  We are going to do a Segway tour of the City, go to the Aquarium and Zoo and take an Airboat tour of the Swamps/bayou.  We’ll do our best to make sure no alligators get one of us!

On Monday morning we will be serving in an off-site Servant Event.  We will show up at 7:45 a.m. and load onto buses which will be deployed around the city to do various type of work in one of three areas – Human care, Environment or Construction.  Every day there will be 100 busloads of people going out in the community to work.  I wish I could get an aerial shot of the convention center and all those yellow school busses going out.

During the afternoons there will be various Interest Centers for everyone to attend.  Some are talks, concerts and studies.  Our youth will be required to attend two a day.

Beginning at 8:30 every evening there are Mass Events held in the Superdome which everyone will attend.  There will be speakers, mini concerts, humor provided by the Skit Guys and so on.  Sunday we will all celebrate communion together.  Talk about organization – serving 30,000+ people communion at the same time!

Fun, fun, fun, walk and walk and walk, but most of all growing in our relationship with Christ.  It will be an amazing trip.  Please pray for us while we are gone, for safety, health and that all goes as planned.  Also please pray that each person going grows in faith. Thank you, Pam Pickett